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I promise to be better (and some reading)

Posted in Uncategorized by duncanseconomicblog on April 15, 2009

I’m back from a few days away…

I seem to have missed a bit of story on the ‘blogosphere’…

I still owe Tom a pension/ownership post, which I’ll do this evening having finally gathered thoughts my on the issue. It probably won’t be as interestingas Charlie’s response.

But, quickly, three things worth a read.

Hopi – with a great article on liquidity traps. He’s right that devaluation and inflation may be the ‘unlikely heros’.

Steve Keen has an article I could dub ‘pessimism porn’ on how bad things could get. Worth a read on the dynamics of debt deflation. He knows his Minsky.

Finally, my friend Vino brings our attention to a good piece on CiF. As it says ‘you can’t cut your way out of a recession’.

I promise to post more this week. Pensions first and then ‘sound money’.


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