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Is Optimism enough?

Posted in Uncategorized by duncanseconomicblog on June 15, 2009

All the talk of green shoots has rather annoyed FT columnist Wolfgang Munchau. 

Last week, the green shoots shrivelled. In South Korea, China and Germany, exports were declining once again. In the US, the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book said “economic conditions remained weak or deteriorated further during the period from mid-April through May”.

The March signs of revival turned out to be little more than a technical inventory correction, with no change in the underlying trend. The world economy is still contracting, though perhaps not quite as fast as at the start of the year.

 Central banks and governments therefore risk moving too swiftly out of a recession-mode strategy. When Axel Weber, president of the Bundesbank, publicly talks at this time about how to communicate a rise in interest rates, it tells me that the danger of a premature exit, at least in Europe, is clear and present.


 Instead of solving the problems to generate a recovery, the political strategies have consisted of waiting for a recovery to solve the problem. The Europeans are relying on the Americans to generate growth. The Americans are relying on the Chinese, who in turn are waiting for the rest of the world.


 This is why last week’s news about the withering green shoots is so important. It tells us that the non-strategy of waiting until things get better is not working. The March signs of life reinforced complacency. Optimism will get us out of this crisis only if it is founded in reality. Last week showed us that this is not the case.

 The G8 meeting this weekend did seem to spend too much time discussing ‘exit strategies’. I’m all for optimism but let’s not get carried away.

Final comment of the day belongs to market commentator Macro-Man.

 Perhaps the most amusing comment from the weekend came from German FinMin peer Steinbrueck, who warned of further credit dislocations in Europe, putting his marker down to cover his ass in case it all goes wrong. Evidently, winning “European Plonker of The Year 2008” for his powerful mix of forecasting ineptitude and hubristic scahdenfreude deeply affected him, as it seems he wants to avoid a repeat victory.


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