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Some Good Reading

Posted in Uncategorized by duncanseconomicblog on November 18, 2009

My workload (in my actual job) is piling up.  My workload for the blog (two half finished posts on ‘capital’ and a long overdue note on ‘Hobson’) is piling up too.

But in the meantime, and I hope things will calm down enough to finish some posts soon!, a few things worth reading:

Giles on ‘Politics and Economics’.

Paul S on the left and economics.

Chris considers some on my capital proposals.

Social Europe on the left and growth.

Vino on the misallocation of capital.

And finally Paul C on Labour and campaigning. As someone who’s been doing a fair bit of canvassing recently, I found this interesting.

 Hopefully that’ll keep you all busy for a day or two.


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